Headwaters Country Jam Lineup for 2016




As camping and RV season quickly approaches the Butte-Silver Bow Parking Department would like to remind citizens about RV and trailer Parking Ordinances inside the Butte city limits.  Ordinance #204 allows you to park your RV or trailer on the street for a maximum of two days (in a seven-day period) for loading and unloading.  Rvs and trailers parked longer than two days will be ticketed.  Fines for a violation are $50.00 for a first offense and $100.00 for each offense thereafter.  Additionally, the Parking Department is asking RV and trailer owners to refrain from parking and storing in places that block the line of sight of other drivers, blocking the line of site is a safety hazard to citizens on foot, especially children as well as other vehicles.
For questions, please contact the Butte-Silver Bow Parking Department at (406) 497-6272.
Butte Freedom Festival
July 3 Fireworks - July 4 Parade
         Linda - 406-299-3067 (cell) - 565-7689)
Montana Folk Festival
July 8, 9, 10
         George Everett - 406-565-2249
Evel  Knievel Days
July 21, 22, 23
        Terri James - 490-7712 (ekdayspresident@gmail.com)
August 12, 13, 14
           Frank - 498-4982/Shane - 490-9657
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