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1a - 6a Bill Bowen 
6a - 9a Tom O’Neill
9a - 3p Penny Mitchell  
3p - 8p Tad Svendsen
8p - 1a Jeff Young

1a - 6a Tina Barnes
6a - 10a Rick Morgan
10a - 3p Michael Collins
3p - 8p Tommy Moore
8p - 1a Tina Barnes

1a - 6a Dave Johnson
6a - 10a Jeff Young
10a - 3p Michael Collins
3p - 8p Tommy Moore
8p - 1a Tad Svendsen

Penny Mitchell/ Weekdays 9am-3pm

Penny Mitchell has spent almost 30 years in radio but her original plan wasn’t to be a radio personality. Upon graduating high school Penny had made the decision to go into nursing, and going into radio had never crossed her mind. Growing up she had never heard a woman on the radio until she was in nursing school at Colorado State University where, lo and behold, she heard a morning air staffer who was…you guessed it…a woman. Suddenly nursing lost its appeal and another radio personality was born. She has spent the majority of her radio career working with country music and has brought her talent to the Butte scene.
Tad Svendsen/ Weekdays 3pm-8pm

Tad Svendsen has spent close to what you may call a lifetime in the radio industry. While in high school in Sioux Falls, S.D. Tad began his broadcasting career at a country radio station of all places. As his career progressed Tad spent 16 years working for the country music station KYGO based out of Denver. Lucky for us in Butte, MT we get to enjoy Weekdays with Tad and also get the major market experience of Tad Svendsen offers.

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